Providing Home Inspections & Title V Septic Inspections for Cape Cod, the Islands & Plymouth County.

Building Inspector Cape Cod

Specialized Testing

Specialized Services - Do You Need Them?

There may be certain advantages depending on what the property will be used for. For instance:

  1. Expert Witness: Inspection of damages and reports for insurance claims.
  2. We can inspect multi family units or buildings, industrial or commercial buildings, where the general conditions are the most important factor in the decision to purchase.

Specialized Testing can include:

  1. Water Quality Testing
  2. Well Quality Testing
  3. Testing for Asbestos
  4. Testing for Lead Paint
  5. Testing for Radon
  6. Termite Infestation
  7. Testing for Toxic Mold
  8. Septic and Title V (five) inspections and testing.
  9. New Video Septic Inspection & Location.

Some of these services are specific to Cape Cod's environment, particularly the Title V septic, well quality, water quality and mold tests. As experienced professional inspectors, we can provide qualified opinions and practical decisions on home conditions and repairs.