Providing Home Inspections & Title V Septic Inspections for Cape Cod, the Islands & Plymouth County.

Building Inspector Cape Cod

Standard Inspection

What is included in a standard inspection?

We will inspect all major components of the property and provide a qualified opinion of it's present condition.

  1. Structural systems: Foundation, building support systems, columns, beams, joists and rafters.
  2. Exterior of the building: Windows, siding, roof, gutters, down spouts, exterior paint and caulking, vent piping and chimneys.
  3. Exterior grounds: Driveway, walkways, grading, garage, outbuildings, retaining walls and drainage around building(s).
  4. Interior of the building: Individual room analysis, ceilings, wall and floor structural conditions, attic ventilation, cellar water conditions, signs of dry rot, fireplace, chimney, doors and hardware.
  5. Plumbing systems: Conditions of fixures, water heater, visible service piping, venting and traps.
  6. Electrical systems: Capacity and distribution (visual only).
  7. HVAC: Visual appliance and ductwork or piping condition.